China OEM Multi-Ribbed Pulley with Hot selling

Multi-Ribbed belts are endless single belts that have V-shaped ribs that interconnect with the grooves on a corresponding belt pulley.
This drive belt design offers low noise output at very high speeds, giving smooth running and large transmission ratios, combining the high flexibility and light weight of flat belts, with the grip and performance of V-belts.
Creating a high power rating drive with a rib profile making them suitable for a wide range of industrial, agricultural, domestic and automotive applications.
They offer a smooth, vibration free performance, in a single compact drive, which is resistant to heat and abrasion so leading to a longer service life.
Multi-Rib pulleys are available with either a pilot or taper bore, the latter designed for use with pre-machined taper bushes that are finished with the required bore and keyway size.