in Helsinki Finland sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Double Row Ball Slewing Ring Bearing 4040.30.40.0-0.2795.00 Ball Bearing manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Helsinki Finland  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Double Row Ball Slewing Ring Bearing 4040.30.40.0-0.2795.00 Ball Bearing manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

With many years’ experience in this line, we will be reliable by our benefits in aggressive cost, one particular-time supply, prompt reaction, on-hand engineering assistance and excellent soon after-product sales providers.Furthermore, all our creation methods are in compliance with ISO9001 expectations. our products are promoting nicely in the American, European, South American and Asian marketplaces. “We are often serving our buyers with our greatest merchandise.” EPT EPTT Generation Description
double row ball slewing ring bearing

subsequent is the model of flanged kind slewing ring bearing , if any will come to your desire, pls speak to tracy.

flanged swing bearing slewing ring bearing
untoothed interior toothed EPT external toothed EPT
2000.ten.twenty.-.571.00 2571.twenty.20.-.571.00 2014.30.twenty.-.571.00
2002.ten.twenty.-.0544.00 2030.twenty.twenty.-.0544.00 2016.thirty.twenty.-.0544.00
2004.ten.twenty.-.0644.00 2032.20.20.-.0644.00 2018.30.20.-.0644.00
2006.10.20.-.0744.00 2034.twenty.20.-.0744.00 2571.thirty.twenty.-.0744.00
2008.10.twenty.-.0844.00 2036.20.twenty.-.0844.00 2571.30.20.-.0844.00
2571.10.20.-.0944.00 2038.20.twenty.-.0944.00 2571.thirty.twenty.-.0944.00
2012.ten.twenty.-.1094.00 2040.20.20.-.1094.00 2026.30.20.-.1094.00
2042.ten.30.-.0955.00 2066.20.30.-.0955.00 2054.30.30.-.0955.00
2044.10.30.-.1055.00 2068.20.thirty.-.1055.00 2056.thirty.30.-.1055.00
2046.ten.30.-.1155.00 2070.20.thirty.-.1155.00 2058.thirty.30.-.1155.00
2048.ten.30.-.1255.00 2072.20.thirty.-.1255.00 2060.30.thirty.-.1255.00
2050.10.30.-.1355.00 2074.twenty.30.-.1355.00 2062.thirty.30.-.1355.00
2052.10.30.-.1455.00 2076.20.30.-.1455.00 2064.30.30.-.1455.00
one row ball swing bearing slewing ring bearing
untoothed internal toothed EPT external toothed EPT
3018.ten.twenty.-.571.00 3046.20.twenty.-.571.00 3032.30.20.-.571.00
3571.ten.twenty.-.0544.00 3048.twenty.twenty.-.0544.00 3034.30.20.-.0544.00
3571.10.twenty.-.0644.00 3050.twenty.20.-.0644.00 3036.thirty.twenty.-.0644.00
3571.ten.20.-.0744.00 3052.twenty.20.-.0744.00 3038.30.20.-.0744.00
3026.ten.twenty.-.0844.00 3054.twenty.twenty.-.0844.00 3040.thirty.twenty.-.0844.00
35715.ten.twenty.-.0944.00 3056.twenty.20.-.0944.00 3042.30.twenty.-.0944.00
3030.10.20.-.1094.00 3058.20.20.-.1094.00 3044.30.20.-.1094.00

one row ball swing bearing slewing ring bearing triple row roller swing bearing slewing ring bearing
internal toothed EPT exterior toothed EPT inner toothed EPT exterior toothed EPT
3102.twenty.twenty five.-.0886.00 3060.30.twenty five.-.0764.00 7571.20.20.-1.1250.00 7000.thirty.twenty.-1.1250.00
3104.20.25.-.1077.00 3062.thirty.25.-.0980.00 7012.twenty.20.-1.1400.00 7002.thirty.20.-1.1400.00
3106.twenty.twenty.-.0400.00 3064.30.twenty.-.0400.00 7014.twenty.twenty.-one.1600.00 7004.30.twenty.-1.1600.00
3108.twenty.twenty.-.0450.00 3066.thirty.20.-.0450.00 7016.20.twenty.-one.1800.00 7006.30.twenty.-one.1800.00
3110.twenty.twenty.-.0560.00 3068.30.20.-.0560.00 7018.20.twenty.-one.2000.00 7008.30.20.-1.2000.00
3112.twenty.20.-.0630.00 3070.30.20.-.0630.00 7030.20.25.-one.1800.00 7571.thirty.twenty five.-one.1800.00
3114.twenty.twenty.-.571.00 3072.30.20.-.571.00 7032.twenty.twenty five.-one.2000.00 7571.thirty.25.-1.2000.00
3116.twenty.twenty five.-.0886.00 3074.30.25.-.0764.00 7034.20.25.-1.2240.00 7571.thirty.25.-one.2240.00
3118.20.25.-.1077.00 3076.thirty.25.-.0980.00 7036.20.twenty five.-one.2500.00 7026.thirty.25.-one.2500.00
3120.20.twenty five.-.1180.00 3078.thirty.25.-.1120.00 7038.twenty.25.-one.2800.00 7571.thirty.25.-1.2800.00
3130.20.forty.-.1500.00 3080.30.25.-.1250.00 7050.twenty.32.-one.2240.00 7040.thirty.32.-one.2240.00
3132.20.forty.-.1700.00 3082.30.thirty.-.1180.00 7052.20.32.-one.2500.00 7042.30.32.-1.2500.00
3134.20.fifty.-.1800.00 3084.thirty.30.-.1320.00 7054.20.32.-1.2800.00 7044.thirty.32.-1.2800.00
3136.20.fifty.-.2000.00 3084.30.30.-.1500.00 7056.twenty.32.-one.3150.00 7046.thirty.32.-1.3150.00
3138.20.50.-.2240.00 3088.thirty.forty.-.1400.00 7058.twenty.40.-1.2800.00 7048.30.40.-1.2800.00
3140.20.fifty.-.2490.00 3090.30.forty.-.1600.00 7056.twenty.40.-1.3150.00
3142.20.fifty.-.2500.00 3092.thirty.40.-.1800.00
3122.20.thirty.-.1120.00 3094.30.fifty.1-.1900.00
3124.twenty.30.-.1250.00 3096.30.50.-.2130.00
3126.20.thirty.-.1400.00 3098.thirty.50.-.2355.00
3128.twenty.thirty.-.1600.00 3100.30.50.-.2645.00

double row ball swing bearing slewing ring bearing crossed roller swing bearing slewing ring bearing
interior toothed EPT exterior toothed EPT inside toothed EPT exterior toothed EPT
4000.20.eighteen.-.0748.00 4008.thirty.twenty.-.571.00 5008.20.16.-1.0400.00 5000.thirty.16.-1.0400.00
4002.twenty.twenty.-.571.00 4571.thirty.20.-.571.00 5571.twenty.sixteen.-1.0450.00 5002.30.16.-one.0450.00
4004.twenty.20.-.1085.00 4012.30.20.-.1220.00 5012.twenty.sixteen.-one.0560.00 5004.30.16.-1.0560.00
4006.twenty.20.-.1360.00 4014.thirty.20.-.1385.00 5014.20.sixteen.-one.0630.00 5006.30.16.-1.0630.00
4050.twenty.25.-.1360.00 4016.30.25.-.1200.00 5571.twenty.twenty.-one.0450.00 5016.30.twenty.-one.0450.00
4052.20.twenty five.-.1600.00 4018.30.twenty five.-.1461.00 5026.twenty.twenty.-1.0560.00 5018.thirty.twenty.-one.0560.00
4054.20.thirty.-.1381.00 4571.30.25.-.1800.00 5571.twenty.twenty.-one.0630.00 5571.thirty.20.-1.0630.00
4056.twenty.30.-.1630.00 4571.thirty.thirty.-.1440.00 5030.twenty.twenty.-1.571.00 5571.thirty.twenty.-one.571.00
4058.twenty.thirty.-.1800.00 4571.thirty.30.-.1734.00 5040.twenty.twenty five.-1.0764.00 5032.30.25.-1.0764.00
4060.20.30.-.1995.00 4026.30.30.-.2031.00 5042.twenty.25.-one.0886.00 5034.30.25.-one.0886.00
4062.20.thirty.-.2333.00 4571.thirty.thirty.-.2235.00 5044.twenty.twenty five.-one.0980.00 5036.thirty.25.-1.0980.00
4064.20.30.-.2538.00 4030.30.35.-.1750.00 5046.twenty.25.-one.1077.00 5038.thirty.twenty five.-one.1077.00
4066.twenty.35.-.1960.00 4032.thirty.35.-.1220.00 5056.twenty.25.-one.1120.00 5048.thirty.twenty five.-one.1120.00
4068.20.35.-.2500.00 4034.thirty.35.-.2620.00 5058.20.twenty five.-one.1180.00 5050.thirty.twenty five.-one.1180.00
4070.twenty.35.-.2690.00 4036.thirty.forty.-.2240.00 5060.20.twenty five.-1.1250.00 5052.30.25.-one.1250.00
4072.twenty.forty.-.2199.00 4038.30.forty.-.2619.00 5062.20.25.-one.1320.00 5054.30.twenty five.-one.1320.00
4074.20.forty.-.2622.00 4040.thirty.forty.-.2795.00 5072.twenty.28.-one.1400.00 5064.30.28.-one.1400.00
4076.20.40.-.2950.00 4042.30.forty.-.2915.00 5074.twenty.28.-1.1500.00 5066.thirty.28.-1.1500.00
4078.twenty.forty.-.3300.00 4044.30.forty.-.3150.00 5076.20.28.-1.1600.00 5068.thirty.28.-one.1600.00
4080.twenty.45.-.2940.00 4046.30.50.-.2987.00 5078.twenty.28.-one.1700.00 5070.thirty.28.-1.1700.00
4088.20.forty five.-.3400.00 4048.thirty.fifty.-.3167.00 5088.20.36.-one.1700.00 5080.thirty.36.-1.1700.00
4082.20.50.-.2559.00 4850.30.twenty five.-.0383.00 5090.20.36.-one.1800.00 5082.30.36.-one.1800.00
4084.20.50.-.3520.00 4852.30.22.-.571.00 5092.20.36.-one.1900.00 5084.30.36.-1.1900.00
4086.20.fifty.-.3739.00 4854.thirty.25.-.571.00 5094.twenty.36.-1.2000.00 5086.thirty.36.-one.2000.00
4802.20.22.-.0625.00 4856.thirty.twenty.-.571.00 5104.20.forty.-one.2000.00 5096.thirty.40.-1.2000.00
4804.20.22.-.0897.00 4858.30.thirty.-.0823.00 5106.20.forty.-one.2128.00 5098.thirty.40.-one.2128.00
4806.20.22.-.1087.00 4860.30.twenty.-.0968.00 5108.twenty.forty.-1.2240.00 5100.thirty.forty.-1.2240.00
4808.20.twenty five.-.1100.00 4862.30.25.-.1074.00 5110.20.40.-one.2368.00 5102.thirty.40.-one.2368.00
4810.twenty.thirty.-.1220.00 4864.30.30.-.1117.00 5120.twenty.45.-one.2240.00 5112.thirty.45.-one.2240.00
4812.twenty.30.-.1347.00 4866.thirty.thirty.-.1213.00 5122.20.45.-one.2366.00 5114.30.forty five.-1.2366.00
4814.20.30.-.1385.00 4868.30.forty.-.1390.00 5124.20.45.-1.2510.00 5116.thirty.45.-one.2510.00
4816.20.thirty.-.1615.00 5126.twenty.45.-one.2654.00 5118.30.45.-one.2654.00
4818.20.30.-.2003.00 5136.twenty.fifty.-1.2500.00 5128.thirty.fifty.-1.2500.00
5138.20.50.-one.2660.00 5130.30.fifty.-one.2660.00
5140.20.50.-one.2800.00 5132.30.50.-one.2800.00
5142.20.50.-1.3000.00 5134.30.fifty.-one.3000.00

Why choose EPT slewing bearings
A pioneer in slewing bearing subject, abundant knowledge, can do design and style, make, mounting XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.
Tiny orEPTTaccepted
SO certified company
Variorum designs
7*24hours hotline to aid you with your cranes
Rigid good quality handle program to make certain quality for slewing bearing

EPT EPT EPTT Varieties
EPT slewing bearings can be divided into the pursuing types as for every their buildings:
one row four position speak to ball slewing bearing,
one row cross roller slewing bearing,
double row distinct ball diameter slewing bearing,
a few row cylindrical roller slewing bearing and roller/ball mix slewing bearing.
And all these sorts of slewing bearings can be additional divided into bearings with out EPTs, bearings with external EPTs and bearings with internal EPTs.

Thorough description of these sorts slewing bearings

Solitary row 4 stage get in touch with ball slewing bearings
This sort of slewing bearings can help substantial dynamic loads, transmitting aXiHu (West EPT) and radial forces EPTTltaneously as nicely as the ensuing tilting times. Apps of this kind of bearings are hoisting, mechanical managing and EPTT mechanical engineering and so on.
Single row cross roller slewing bearings
This sort of bearings can assistance mixtures of large radial pressure, medium aXiHu (West EPT) power and tilting instant with modest or zero clearance. Major purposes of this type of bearings are hoisting and mechanical handling and EPTT mechanical engineering etc.
EPTT row various ball diameter slewing bearings
This kind of bearings can assist large static hundreds with basic constructions. They are mostly used in conditions with variation load situation and path and constantly rotating. Major programs of this type of bearings are deck hoisting, mining and materials managing and so on.
Triple row cylindrical roller slewing bearings
This variety of bearings has large load carrying capacity. UnEPTTsame hundreds, this kind of bearings has considerably smaller diameters which can make the set up significantly compact, as various varieties of loads are supported by various races and rollers. Primary applications of this sort of bearings are hoisting, mechanical managing, mining and resources dealing with, offshore EPT and EPTT mechanical engineering etc.
Roller/ball blend slewing bearings
This sort of bearings can support high aXiHu (West EPT) load and reduced tilting moments. Normally they are massive diameter slewing bearings. Applications of this sort of bearings are mining and resources dealing with and so on.

About EPT bearings
one.introduction:we are a company of slewing bearing since 1993, our manufacturing unit occupies a region of 30000square meters with 4 workshop and 1 workplace building.
2. Featured items: slewing bearing and slewing EPT
three. Capital: Recent is one million RMB, but we are rising the cash to 10 million RMB
4. Staff: forty
five. Certification: ISO9001:2008, 3.1 certificate, CCS certification, EPT and EPTT Development Award
six. Once-a-year Exportation: 8million USD
7. Exported nations around the world: (39)
Asia: India, Pakistan, Iran, EPTore, Georgia, Malaysia, Vietnam, TEPTTd, Philippines, Israel, Korea, UAE, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia,
Europe: Turkey, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, EPTT, Poland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Ukraine, Uk
America: Usa, Canada, MeXiHu (West EPT), Brazil, Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile
Africa: South Africa, Egypt
EPTTia: Australia

Creation Approach of EPT slewing bearings

EPTT EPTT Method of EPT slewing bearings

EPTT surface is protected with the anti-rust oil first and then wrapped with the plastic movie
And then packed with kraft paper and specialist belts
At very last, with wooden box entirely at the outer EPTT to invoid the rust or the moist
We can count on the clients desire to be packed


Q: Are EPT EPTTS trading organization or manufacturer?
A: EPT EPTTS is a expert company for slewing bearings, slim EPT bearings, ball bearings and rolling bearings

Q: How do EPT EPTTS manage high quality of their bearing?
A: EPT EPTTS has estabEPTTd stringent high quality management systems, all the items and solutions has passed ISO9001-2008 EPTT Certificate and 3rd celebration this kind of as CCS, LR,Stomach muscles,BV

Q: What is the MOQ?
A: MOQ is 1pc, pls concept us for in depth details.

Q: How about the package for EPT bearings?
A: StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd EPTT EPTT in EPTT situation (Plastic tube specialist plastic belts plywood circumstance). Accept layout deal when OEM.

Q: How EPTT is the manufacturing time?
A: It requires about seven-forty times, relies upon on the product and amount.

Q: How about the shipping and delivery?
A: We can set up the shipment or you may have your personal EPTTer.

Q: Is sample accessible?
A: Yes, sample orEPTTis appropriate.

Q: Can we use our own Logo or layout on bearings?
A: Of course. OEM is appropriate for EPT EPTTS. We can style as per your specifications and use your own Brand and bundle style.

  in Helsinki Finland  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Double Row Ball Slewing Ring Bearing 4040.30.40.0-0.2795.00 Ball Bearing manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Helsinki Finland  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Double Row Ball Slewing Ring Bearing 4040.30.40.0-0.2795.00 Ball Bearing manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler